High Fiber Diets

There are numerous benefits of consuming a regular high fiber diet. Some of them are discussed below. The primary benefit of fiber diet is that it helps in increasing the weight and size of your stool and softens it, which in turn helps in decreasing the chance of constipation. Fiber diet lowers the blood cholesterol and controls the blood sugar levels. The soluble fibers particularly can help in lowering the cholesterol levels and improves the blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. It lowers the risk of digestive conditions such as haemorrhoids. The food stuffs such as oats, beans, apples, peas, citrus, fruits and carrots are rich in soluble fiber. The food stuffs rich in insoluble fiber are wheat flour, nuts and vegetables. A high fiber diet is a part of a healthy diet, so consume large amounts of dietary fiber for availing maximum benefit.

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