I Have a New Hobby

And now that vacation is over, I am going to try to post more often as I miss all of you. I’m not sure I have anything interesting to say right now so you will just get the “life” updates. Weight wise I am maintaining right now but gearing up for a new “clean” phase starting on Monday. I’ve let a little of the bad stuff back into my life with vacations et al but come Monday for 4 weeks it’s going to be 100% on track again. I like how I feel, how I sleep, and all that other good stuff. It’s worth the struggle in the beginning to stay on track. Exercise wise, I need to get that increased for sure. With the clean eating, my inflammation in my hip goes down, therefore less pain, which means I am to walk more and sleep better. So now that I’m back into walking, I’ve got to add some strength training into the picture. Have I mentioned my Grandmother is going to be 100 in a couple of weeks? Yes, 100 years old. She even has 3 other siblings so longevity runs in the family. My Aunt is worried she will live just as long, silly lady. I hope you are all doing great and that you have a wonderful weekend!

Healthy Stuff

I know. It's been a while. I don't have any decent excuses I'm afraid. Shall we just say life and leave it at that? Ok a little expansion. Life has been interesting. I finished Uni and the sense of relief was overshadowed by one of fear as various other things decided now was the time for their voices to be heard. At which point I had to do some very hard and grown-up things. Never really my forte but there we are. The result of these grown-up things left me feeling tired and low. It was also not a fun thing to blog about. Unfortunately it was the only thing in my life which meant that blogging took a back seat. As a person who finds it hard to discuss the more frightening contents of my head, no really, I didn't mind losing various methods of communication. I didn't have to talk to anyone. Now I'm past the crap, I'm feeling more communicative. I'm also thinking about this blog and what I want it to be. The direction I'd like to go in. This all feels a little like navel gazing. Recently I've been trying to develope some good habits. Now may be the time to take them further and really make some changes. I'll let you know.